Combine these accessories for all your shaving needs.

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  • Rimu Lambert's Luscious Beard Comb

    Rimu Beard Comb


    This beautiful Native New Zealand timber beard comb is a delight to hold, admire and use.

    Compact enough to sit comfortably in wallet or pocket, yet stylish enough to want to pull it out at every available oppportunity.

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  • Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

    Boar Bristle Shaving Brush


    Work your Lambert’s Luscious Shave Soap into a rich creamy lather for a smooth, close shave.

    Made of natural boar hair.

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  • Lambert's Luscious Straight Razor

    Straight Razor


    Our high quality straight razors are made with the world’s best steel, individually hand forged and sharpened by a master New Zealand craftsman.

    This one-of-a-kind blade is paired with a New Zealand native timber handle, giving you a uniquely individual razor you will treasure for a lifetime.

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  • double-sided-leather-canvas-strop-lamberts-luscious

    Double Sided Leather & Canvas Strop


    Keep your handmade straight razor blade in tip top shaving condition with this handmade strop.

    Leather on one side for daily stropping and canvas on the other for weekly stropping.

    Keep that beautiful blade razor sharp and shave ready.

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  • Safety-Razor

    Safety Razor


    Dual sided safety razor to get you the super close shave you’ve been yearning for.

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  • Safety-Razor-Blade-Refills

    Safety Razor Blade Refills


    Ten pack of blades to pair with our safety razor.

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  • gift-wrap-2-l

    Gift Wrapping


    Your products packed securely in wonderful-smelling natural wood wool in a Lambert’s Luscious box (for large orders), or brown paper packaging tied up with string (for small orders). One of our favourite things!

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